Salı, Mart 6

The Nature of Observation

Yoga practices involve an understanding of the play of the five elements in the human being and nature and require a training of the organs of action and perception that correspond the each of these elements.

Yogic meditation is entered by concentration on inner sound or inner light.

Since the practice of asana involves the use of form, ı have chosen to give purely visual information using the body in action as the means of communication

To understand these movements one must learn to see with the external eyes and the inner eye in the mind. As this way of seeing is mastered the inner light and inner heat will both increase. Form light and heat are all the products of the element fire. It is the fire generated by the friction incurred in motion and is responsible for the sense of touch.

The conscious integration of form and motion leads to sensitivity in action. One begins to sense the operation of the vital wind in the movements one observes and the movements one performs

Shadow Yoga.

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